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Who We Are

We started Madhatters & Sweetipies because we just love arts & crafts and hanging out with our Mini makers!

Our simple aim with our art carts is to provide oodles of creative fun for artsy Brisbane kids at birthday parties, wedding, festivals, corporate events and private parties.

Nicola, Lucie, Grace (Creative Fun Officers)

Your Questions Answered

Q: Do we have a working with Children Blue Card?

A: Definitely, we all hold a Working with Children Blue Card.  

Q. Do we have First Aid and CPR?

A: Nicola is First Aid, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxic trained and qualified. She also holds a Certificate III in Childcare and Teachers Aid and has over 20 years experience working with children in both Australia and Europe. 

Q: Are we COVID-safe?

A: Absolutely. We are committed to safeguarding your safety  and well-being as well as our own, so we adhere to covid safe polices as stipulated by the Qld government. All our team are triple vaccinated [certs available on request] and have also completed COVID-19 infection control online training through the Australian Government Department of Health. 

Q: Do we have Public Liability Insurance?

A: Yes, we have Public Liability Insurance up to $20m. 

Q.Where do we travel to?

A: We travel all over Brisbane and the surrounding areas including the Moreton, Redlands and Ipswich Council areas.  We are very happy to travel further afield including theGold Coast, Sunshine Coast areas and even out bush! A travel fee applies for all travel outside a Brisbane City Council postcode

Q: Do we use electricity?

A: No - we don't use equipment that requires electricity- all our equipment is battery operated  

Q: How much space do we need to set-up?

A: We need at least 3mx3m to setup - preferably on ground floor level as the Art Cart is difficult to navigate stairs and tight corners.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A:If it rains or if rain is predicted, we need to set-up in an enclosed space away from the wet in order to protect the cart. At booking, you'll need to indicate a rain day address. 

Q: Party venues

A: Backyards, halls, clubs- any venue of your choosing - preferably on ground level due to the art cart being difficult to navigate stairs and tight corners.  If planning a park party, please confirm with your relevant city council if you require permission to put up structures like marquees/gazebos. Most councils don't require bookings for facilities such as BBQ's, shelters or playgrounds, but will for Rotundas.

Q: How long does set-up and clean-up take?

A:Party set up takes approximately 45 minutes and clean-up takes 30.minutes. If you are planning on hiring a hall , club or event venue for the party, we would suggest hiring for 4 hours – 1 hr pre-party, 2 hrs for the party and 1hr post party

Q: Do we take payment plans?

A: Definitely. When we email you through our quote for the party, we'll let you know that we accept installments and if you proceed with the booking, all you have to do is indicate that you want to pay in installments. 

Q: Do we provide prizes for games?

A:No, we don't but If you'd like us to, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to organise - there will be an added cost. 

Q: Do we supervise and babysit during the party?

A: We are not a babysitting business, we do supervise our activities to make sure that they remain safe and tidy. It is the responsibility of the Party Host to supervise all children. We ask that there be adult supervision at all times during the party to attend possible needs or behaviour of any child. We also ask that there be close adult supervision of all children under 3 who attend a party -parties will contain materials that young children often place in their mouth to explore, which makes them more vulnerable to choking than older children.

Q: Do you do face-painting?

A:Yes - but we are not professional face-painters. We concentrate on arts and craft, so our designs are very simple- like a flower on the cheek.  All our face-paint is kids friendly and hypoallergenic. 

Q: Do we hire out our carts for film, media and event styling?

A: Yes. If you’re a production designer, photographer or stylist on the lookout for a unique prop to make your theme have style and impact, especially if it involves kids - our Art Carts are available to hire for:  

  • Photoshoots
  • Film & Television
  • Visual merchandising
  • Product launches
  • Exhibitions and Displays
  • Fashion shows
  • Special events

If you would like to know more about hiring our Art Carts, please contact our team

If you have any other questions, we'll be more than happy to answer them simply shoot us an email at or call 0413 868 107 and we'll get back to you right away.