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Celebrate Creatively with Our  Art Cart!

The Art Cart Party
Welcome to the Art Cart Party! This party ensures a celebration filled with giggles and crafty fun! What's Included:
  • The Art Cart with all creative materials and equipment

  • Cardboard Birthday Cake Painting & Decorating
  • Badge Making
  • Cotton bag decorating 
  • Spinner Art Creations
  • Decorate a Party Hat
  • Jewellery Bar
  • Playdough 
  • Nail Polish Bar
  • Simple Face Painting
  • Music, Bubbles, and Karaoke: 
  • Entertainers for Setup and Cleanup
  • Tables & Paint Smocks Provided
  • Party Run-Sheet for Event Timing

Party duration

  • 1 hour - price start at $230
  • 1.5 hours - price starts at $260
  • 2 hours  - price starts at $330

Optional Extras

  • Cotton hat (cap) decorating
  • Sunglasses decorating 
  • Polymer clay designs
  • Ceramic plate and mug decorating
  • Glamour hair designs with hair chalk and coloured hairspray
Bespoke Parties

We offer custom arts and crafts packages tailored specifically for your child! You have the flexibility to swap out activities from our Art Cart party package and add optional extras, making it ideal for Tweens aged 9 to 13. If your child is 4 years and under, we recommend a 1 hour party. 


We cater to kids of all ages, from 4 years old and younger all the way up to Tweens aged 9 to 13. 

Parties: are only available on a Saturday and Sunday
Booking Fee: $50
Party Games: We don't provide prizes for party games.
Optional Extras/activities: You can swap out activities from our party package and add optional extras.
Safety Assurance:
  • Coloured hairspray is washable and non-toxic.
  • Kid-friendly and non-toxic nail polish.
  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic face paint (basic cheek designs only).
  • We use only washable paint.
Cost Details:
  • Party cost varies based on attendance and location.
  • A travel fee may apply depending on location.
  • Additional children on the day: $33.
  • Payment plans available for installments payments.
Setup Requirements:
  • We require at least 3m x 3m to set up - preferably on ground floor level as the Art Cart is difficult to navigate stairs and tight corners.
  • Rain contingency: If it rains or if rain is predicted, we need to set-up in an enclosed space away from the wet in order to protect the cart. 
  • Setup: 35 minutes
  • Clean-up: 30 minutes
  • If you're considering venue hire, we recommend a total of four (4) hours—1 hour pre-party, 2 hours party, and 1 hour post-party.
Outdoor Party Considerations:
  • If planning a park party, please confirm with your relevant city council if you require permission to put up structures like marquees/gazebos. Most councils don't require bookings for facilities such as BBQ's, shelters or playgrounds, but will for Rotundas.
Short Notice Parties:
  • Parties booked within two weeks are subject to availability.


To find out more email or call 0499 645 999.