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Let your child's creativity run wild!


 Children Welcome…

Seriously, how much fun is it having kids at weddings and parties, they can even sometimes be the entertainment themselves! The Art Cart is the perfect solution to the age old party questions of should we or shouldn’t we invite the kids, and how to occupy them when they get bored of all the grown-up stuff like speeches and cake cutting.

Our simple aim is to provide good old fashioned crafty fun at your special shindig. We can create a bespoke package to suit the event you’re planning:

  • Birthday, Christmas, Garden Parties, BBQ's - all types of parties and events really!
  • Weddings and all religious/non-religious ceremonies and occasions!
  • Corporate Events
  • Store openings
  • Family fun days, Street Fairs, Picnics
  • Expos and Exhibitions 
  • Charity Events
  • Festivals
  • Theater and cultural events and openings. 
  • Cafes and retail -  crafty mornings or afternoons
  • Race days
  • Lost Child Services at Events and Festivals 
  • Company Promotions, PR Launches, Film Premiers, Award Ceremonies
  • Group play dates 
  • Family Friendly Business Soirees- invite your clients and we'll entertain the kids! 
  • Schools, OSHC, Vacation Care, Childcare and Kindy 
  • Surprise us- what’s your family friendly Event?

 We come, we set up, we craft, we clean, and we leave!

We are totally flexible and can craft in any rented space, café, restaurant, retail store and garden space. We can put together a program of exciting crafting experiences with customised touches to make yours a truly one of a kind event. So next time you’re planning a party or an event of any type for yourself, on behalf of someone or for the general public, or any other event where you need to effectively engage a family audience why not consider The Art Cart, you’ll be a big help to those parents hoping to attend your event. And having The Art Cart included in your organisation’s event will also identify you as being a family friendly employer.

Festival Activities

  • The Events Art Cart with Painting Easel and Blackboard
  • Badge Making (Super popular)
  • Colouring in pages with pencils and sharpies
  • See-through Easel board with chalk pens (Also super popular)
  • Fabric graffiti painting
  • Playdough 

Bespoke Activities

We can create a bespoke package of activities for whatever you’re planning.

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