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Let your child's creativity run wild!


 Children Welcome…

Kids at events are a blast, right? The Art Cart is here to solve the 'to invite or not to invite' dilemma and keep them entertained while the grown-ups do their thing. We bring back the joy of old-school crafting to your special occasions.

Whether it's birthdays, weddings, corporate events, or festivals, we've got a crafty solution for you. Surprise us with your family-friendly event!

Events We Cater To:


  • Let us bring our Art Cart to entertain the kids while you relax and enjoy the festivities. From birthdays, Christmas, garden parties, and BBQs to weddings and all religious/non-religious ceremonies and occasions, we've got your celebrations covered.
  • Group play dates.


  • Cafes and retail - let's collaborate for crafty mornings or afternoons, adding an artistic touch to your space and attracting more customers.
  • Store opening: Join forces with us for a collaborative and creative celebration!
  • Film, Photo, and Event Styling: Reach out to us if you'd like to hire our Art Carts for a creative touch!

Corporate, Business and Charity Events

  • Family-Friendly Gatherings: make your event inclusive for both kids and adults.
  • Family-Friendly Business Soirees - extend invitations to your clients, and we'll take care of entertaining the kids!

Festivals & Community Events

  • Festivals
  • Race Days
  • Lost children services
  • Expos and exhibitions
  • Family fun days, Street Fairs, Picnics


  • Collaborate with us to make your events family-friendly! Add a touch of creativity with our crafty kids' activities at Company Promotions, PR Launches, Film Premiers, and Award Ceremonies.
  • Theatre and cultural events - Let us set up and entertain the kids, allowing parents to enjoy the show or exhibition hassle-free.

Schools and Education

  • Where learning meets creativity with our Art Cart! We customise activities for all ages, perfect for schools, OSHC, vacation care, childcare, and kindy.

Aged Care

  • Our Art Cart provides personalised creative activities for residents, bringing joy and fostering connections in their days.

Contact Us

For more information on what we do please feel free to email or call 0413 868


    For more information, contact the Madhatters & Sweetiepies team on 0413 868 107 or simply email